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4 Surefire Ways To Get Hired Quickly

As someone seeking employment, it is very important to optimize the process and they stay on the leading edge of what it takes to get hired. 

It is important to leverage all of the tools and tricks that all but guarantee you being hired quickly. While most people on the hunt for a new job typically have some idea of how to seek employment, very rarely will you find someone who is magnetic enough to be hired for work and win contracts and positions that they are less qualified for than most other candidates. Kind of like that one friend that everyone has that just tends to get "lucky" all the time, seemingly being pulled up the ladder as opposed to climbing it. what we've discovered is that the people with these skills just get better jobs than people who don't even though they are identically qualified. 

Did you know that sending a thank you note to your prospective employer after a job interview can increase your ability to fill that position by 20%. Simply because they know that you appreciate the time they took to give you an opportunity.

Our aim for this list is to provide you with the simple, easy-to-apply tweaks and changes that can make a huge difference when it comes to landing high-quality employment, as opposed to leaving you to fend for yourself in a cesspool of bottom feeders.

Here are a few tips and tricks we've discovered which can give you the advantage in the race for the perfect job:

1. Treat looking for work like a full-time job.
A lot of people search for work, they put in a few applications, turn in a few resumes, go on a few interviews to see if they are a fit. Yet, the person that applies for 50 and 100 different available positions will be flooded with opportunities for employment, enabling them to be a bit more picky about which jobs they must choose.

Imagine this: if my odds of being hired for my dream job are extremely slim given my credentials, yet I apply to 100 or 200 positions at the firms of my choosing, my chance of landing perfect job are increased tenfold, compared to someone who may have more experience than me. They will be the one that settles for employment, all because he's too afraid or too lazy to be ambitious. There are TONS of opportunities out there, just just have to actively hunt for them. 

2. Read Your Prospective Employers Mind.
Strive to connect on a human level with employers as much as possible. A lot of times what employers say and what they mean are two very different things. An employer may say "We're looking for someone with X experience,” Yet, if their eyes light up when they speak to you and you feel that they appreciate you on a human level, what you really hear is "I like you, I want to hire you, I just need a good enough reason, because we have people at our disposal that are more qualified than you." If your boss knows intuitively that you're the perfect person for the position, you've sold him.

3. Create Authentic Relationships
Relationships are everything. Forming relationships with people employed in high places will open up lots of doors for you.

4. Move Fast and Break Things. -Mark Zuckerberg
In the famous words of Mark Zuckerberg, move fast and break things. What does he mean by this? Simply that you are not concerned about being smooth or perfect when you are new at something. We all make mistakes. The people that run the world make more mistakes than some unemployed guy eating potato chips, playing World of Warcraft 24/7. If you aren't making mistakes, you are doing something wrong. If you are not learning from your mistakes, you are doing something wrong.  

Every new experience in life is going to make you feel a little bit uncomfortable. The ironic thing is that the more you do the things that make you feel uncomfortable, the more you will have a chance to discover what it takes to master the thing that frightens you. This puts you in a position to become a person that creates a lot of relationships and connections with powerful people very quickly. These types of connections can easily lead to a powerful position of leadership within your chosen profession. Isn't that what you've always dreamed about since you were a kid? Riding the rocket ship of success to the top?

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