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3 Signs Your Job Will Ruin Your Life

As a child, no one ever says "I want to work a dead-end job where my boss hates me and I hate him equally." No one ever says "I want the majority of my time at work to be a living hell." Most of us wish for work that we truly enjoy, in a field that we truly love. Creatively working on projects with co-workers that we love, and a boss that's a true visionary. Yet, a lot of us are hired for work that pays good money in a recession and we feel that if we leave, our entire lives will be ruined along with the lifestyle that we're accustomed to living. 

In order to get the most out of workday emotionally and spiritually, it is important for each of us to provide a service that we are proud of, so that we can make all of those dreams we dreamt as a kid, working a cool job and leading a cool lifestyle, come true.

Moving on to new employment can be a terrifying experience because we don't know what's lurking around the corner, yet, at some point, staying at the wrong job no matter how much it pays, can be twice is damaging. Not just to the quality of our own lives, also to the quality of the lives of our loved ones, and our bank accounts as well. Just think about it: if we can't perform at our highest level due to stress or hatred for our work, it is virtually impossible to go above and beyond your certified qualifications.

Here are a few signs that is time to leave your current employment, and move on to greener pastures:

1. Going to work simply sucks. 
It is okay to work a job that sucks if it's a means to an end. For example: taking a second job so that you can fund your new startup company or taking a second job so that you can pay off your student loans is fine. However, if we are planning to spend one third of our lives in an environment where we feel unhappy and unappreciated, with no hope for any real advancement in our careers, then it is time to move on.

No big screen TV or trendy European vehicle is worth living one third of your life absolutely miserable. It's time for a change of scenery. 

2. Your boss is a dumber than you
If the higher ups in your organization are jealous, catty and second-rate, your work will never meet its full potential. All it takes is a solid competitor in your field to swoop in with a superior product, with a staff of independent, brave, cutting-edge thinkers, and your resume is forever tarnished. I think it's about time you work for the other guys. Don't you?

3. Work is mindless.
If you feel that you are a true artisan at your chosen skill, yet your work is being dumbed down because you are being held down, then it is probably time to move on. Studies show that people who are superstars in their chosen field tends to live longer than people who were not. Google it.

The real question is: are you willing to spend 11 hours a day driving to work, getting ready for work, working for employers that you hate, performing menial tasks that make you resentful, and  cause your family to resent you because you miserable everyday… OR will you make finding new employment your new part-time job? The choice is yours.

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