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How to Find a New Job While Still Working at Your Current Job

A lot of people find themselves stuck in jobs that they never wanted to work and that have nothing to do with the aspirations or interests they had when they were younger. There's a good chance that you may be in the same boat. Did you just 'land' in your current job without really planning to? Did you just somehow collect the experience and expertise that turned you into the perfect candidate for logistics-related jobs? Are you generally feeling unrewarded by that career path/unhappy with your boss?

A lot of people find themselves in these positions but unfortunately very few do anything about it. Why? Because it's 'reckless' to give up a well-paying job and scary when you have responsibilities.

But here's the thing: you don't have to give up that well-paying job in order to find other work! Read on and we'll look at how you can go about finding a new 'dream job' without having to give up on your current one.

Apply for Jobs in the Evenings

If you don't like your current job, then there's absolutely nothing to stop you from applying for other work in the evenings. Your current employer doesn't have to know and if you get an interview, then you'll just have to find an excuse to take the day off.

Better yet, because you currently have a job, you should feel less pressured and less stressed as you apply for new ones. This in turn means you can apply for the sort of jobs that you never normally would, with no concern for negative repercussions. $20k pay rise? Why not apply – the worst that can happen is you don't hear back! And if you do get it, then life just got a lot sweeter!

Of course, it's not exactly fun to spend all your evenings applying for jobs when you probably have much better things you'd rather be doing. So the solution is just to make it easy for yourself – sign up for some alerts and notifications that will ping you about jobs you might be interested in. And likewise, spend some time setting up your CV so that you can automate the process of sending it out. Think volume!

Closing Comments

You might find that even with this 'transitional' process, you still worry that you might start a new job and hate it – or start a new job and get fired a week later. What then?

Well just ask yourself what the worst is that could happen. Worst case scenario, you work in a supermarket for a few months while you find another new job. Don't stay in a career you hate out of fear, or you'll never have the happy and fulfilling lifestyle you could have!

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